Genetic Testing
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Our parents pass down genes that determine many aspects of health and wellness.

Knowing your genetic background prior to attempting pregnancy may change your management plan, which could affect the outcome of the pregnancy. Technology has rapidly advanced in this field, so genetic testing is increasingly more common among patients.
ARS Genetics

Two main areas of genetic testing are available at our center: pre-pregnancy carrier screening and preimplantation genetic diagnosis/comprehensive chromosomal screening.

What does this process entail?

Genetic Screening entails testing a blood sample to see if a person is a carrier for genetic disorders. For a couple planning a pregnancy, the mother is tested first and, if she is found to be a carrier of a specific mutation, the father is then tested to see if he is also a carrier of the same mutation. Blood samples are drawn in our office and then sent off for testing. If you and your partner are both carriers for the same disease, your child has a 25% chance of having that disease. If you are found to have a high reproductive risk, options are available.


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