Telemedicine Appointments Available

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Struggling with infertility? We are here for you! Telemedicine appointments are now available to our existing and new patients. A telemedicine appointment allows you to connect to one of our providers from any device and any location. Call today to schedule an appointment. (407) 339-2229

Valentine’s Day

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Valentine’s Day is the day set aside to show your love to your partner but for those struggling with infertility, romance can be challenging. The stress of treatment can feel exhausting, affecting your relationship in ways you were not aware of. Sometimes the desire to have a baby is so strong that we forget about our partner and their feelings …

Chlamydia Increases Risk For Pelvic Inflammatory Disease, Ectopic Pregnancy, Female Infertility, Study Suggests

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I think it is not widely known in the public arena that Chlamydia infection, even treated timely, can result in tubal infertility.  We see everything from normal fertility outcome to requiring IVF to achieve pregnancy.  Even when the tubes look perfectly normal at surgery this may  be the case.  Prevention of STD’s is still the best method through the use …

Researchers Examine Relationship Between Work Hours And Risk Of Miscarriage Or Preterm Birth

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Here is more support for sleep disruption as a dramatic stressor in reproduction.  We have noticed that physiologic stress patients that we term “hypothalamic dysfunction” seem to have a much greater chance of miscarriage as well as no pregnancy or infertility.  This study makes the basic connection and is in no way proof of causation but is another supporting piece …

Mother’s Day

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“While Mother’s Day can be a wonderful holiday to celebrate those we love, it’s important to remember that this day can also be tough for many families.  This site provides great advice for all sorts of situations and even has a way to order special cards!  By being there for those who might struggle on Mother’s Day, we can offer …