Study Shows Women With Endometriosis More Likely To Use Opioids For Prolonged Periods, Use Benzodiazepines Concomitantly

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Of course this is the case.  The medical system is failing endometriosis patients in a dramatic way.  If you were taught that endometriosis surgery doesn’t work and that it recurs anyway, and that most medicines to treat pain only work or are allowed to be used short term, then as a doctor you really don’t have anything to offer.  Many patients appear a little crazy and rightfully so, they have been dealing with pain for years with no one who will listen to them or make them better.  Anyone would be crazy in that situation.  The reality though, is as the physician who knows no better, over time you begin to believe what some senior professors mentioned in training – “for many patients it’s all in their head.”  So the busy practitioner, to keep moving with their day has to offer something and traditionally it has been narcotics or anxiety drugs.  It’s the nature of the system.  These doctors, to their credit, are following their training and the information being currently offered at a national level.  Sadly those directives are not helping patients.  Endometriosis support groups such as Nancy’s Nook Endometriosis Education, EndoMetropolis, Endometriosis Support Group, and Endo Warriors are doing more to promote the truth about endometriosis than any formal aspect of the medical system.  Keep up the great work everyone!!

Michael D. Fox, MD

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