Patient Guidelines on the Coronavirus

Yvonne Rice Practice News

Our Patient Process moving forward:

Upon arrival, all patients and guest will be triaged. During the triage process, they are asked a series of questions (see below) and their temperature is taken. If approved for their appointment, the patient will be directed to patient registration where the front office staff will complete the check in process – All guests will be encouraged to wait outside or in their vehicles. If the patient or guest does not meet criteria, they will be asked to leave the center and contact the physician’s office by phone.
ARS will also be contacting patients the day before their appointments using the Triage questions.

Triage Questions:

  1. Have you traveled outside of the country within the past 14 days?
  2. Have you gone on a cruise (anywhere) within the past 14 days?
  3. Have you had a fever of 100.4 or greater or experienced chills within the past 24 hours?
  4. Have you been diagnosed with coronavirus or have reason to think you have been exposed to someone with the virus?
  5. Are you experiencing any symptoms yourself such as fever, cough, difficulty breathing or fatigue?

Please contact our office for questions or concerns.