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We take the health of our patients and employees seriously. ALL patients, staff, and visitors must wear a simple cloth face covering or personal mask to enter our center. Please understand this policy is for your own protection, as well as the protection of your fellow patients and our staff. If you do not have access to a face covering …

Good News!

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We are excited to announce that ARS will begin reopening for fertility diagnostic testing, office procedures and treatment cycles next week (May 4th)!!  As we move forward during this unprecedented time, we will be implementing new policies throughout the office to protect patients and staff.  These will include screening questions prior to appointments, social distancing while waiting at the office …

Patient Guidelines on the Coronavirus

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Our Patient Process moving forward: Upon arrival, all patients and guest will be triaged. During the triage process, they are asked a series of questions (see below) and their temperature is taken. If approved for their appointment, the patient will be directed to patient registration where the front office staff will complete the check in process – All guests will …

Two more studies underscoring the ravages of high carbohydrate nutrition.

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1.  Obesity In Middle Age Tied To Higher Risk Of Dementia Later In Life For Women, Study Indicates 2.  Researchers Say Higher Dietary Glycemic Index Is Tied To Insomnia In Postmenopausal Women Two more studies underscoring the ravages of high carbohydrate nutrition.  Obesity, the direct result of carbohydrate intake, is being related to dementia.  As we have said earlier, fat …

Office Hours Changes Due to Hurricane Dorian

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Our office will be closed on Tuesday and possibly open in the early afternoon on Wednesday. We will monitor the storm closely and update our social media pages and our website with any further schedule changes. Our thoughts and prayers go out to all in the path of this hurricane.

Study Shows Women With Endometriosis More Likely To Use Opioids For Prolonged Periods, Use Benzodiazepines Concomitantly

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Of course this is the case.  The medical system is failing endometriosis patients in a dramatic way.  If you were taught that endometriosis surgery doesn’t work and that it recurs anyway, and that most medicines to treat pain only work or are allowed to be used short term, then as a doctor you really don’t have anything to offer.  Many …

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